Eyeppearance™ Locator Software

Automatic Target Locator

Once configured the locator function will provide the following functions automatically without special fixtures or alignment

  • Acquire Image
  • Locate Individual Targets
  • Read 3 Points per Target
  • Perform Pass/Fail Test
  • Print Results

Illustration is slowed to show locate and measurement function regardless of position

Eyeppearance Locator Sotware

Using TRICOR's Eyeppearance™ Locator Software with the Model 820 Video Photometer allows for automatic location of objects, symbols, characters etc. and then measures average brightness at the user specified reference point locations. Within seconds the 820 detects all characters, measure luminance at specific point locations, average 3 points within a given character and allows a summary print out of the test results.

No more manually locating a photometer spot and taking measurements. No more fixtures to insure character locations. Place the panel area to be tested within the field of view of the camera and simply press a button. A highly labor intensive task can literally be done in seconds. Eyeppearance™ Locator Software increases profitability by improving repeatability, productivity and quality assurance.

  • Measure luminance to MIL-P-7788E and SAE AS7788
  • Reduce labor time from minutes to seconds
  • No special fixtures to insure character position
  • Summary data available in hard copy or saved to software media
  • Latest version of Eyeppearance™ Software included
  • Operating System Requirements: Windows 2000™ or Windows NT™, 128MB minimum

Test Results