Electronic Contract Engineering

TRICOR Systems electronic contract engineering provides outstanding capability not found in many small companies. From the design of simple fixtures to a 23 "Black Box" system for a high performance military jet, the attention given to performance and reliability does not vary.

Specializing in electronic, electro mechanical and electro optical equipment the engineering group develops the complete package, from concept to operating manuals.

Each engineer is proficient in both hardware and software design. This capability increases efficiency and reduces cost as the engineer who writes the operating software is intimate with the hardware he/she is trying to control.

Engineering has developed a broad array of products under contract and for sale by TRICOR Systems.

Extremely complex and simple test equipment, hardware and software simulators, illuminator systems, and airborne black boxes are a few examples.

Engineering provides complete capability, electrical mechanical and optical design, Printed Circuit Card layout, Software (Windows based if desired), complete data packages (Mfg data, manuals) and testing. High and low temperature and vibration testing is also available.

Perry Johnson Registrars ANAB ISO Certification Medical Design Excellence Award FDA Registration ITAR Registration

Contract Electronic Engineering Capabilities

  • Engineering system certified to ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C & ISO 13485:2003.
  • Analysis of problem or application necessary to provide best overall solution without compromising specified performance.
  • Perform hardware/software tradeoffs in order to achieve desired goal at minimum cost.
  • Execute the necessary electrical and mechanical designs needed for hardware fabrication.
  • Compose and debug all related software.
  • Breadboard and test various design approaches.
  • Layout, verify and tool required printed circuit boards.
  • Generate a complete manufacturing documentation package.
  • Procure/Fabricate subassemblies and systems.
  • Assemble, test and debug subassemblies and systems.
  • Support Manual Publication, e.g., theory of operation and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Conduct qualification testing for input power, environmental, flight safety and EMI.
  • Provide field support.
  • On-site training.

Contract Manufacturing Products

TRICOR Systems manufactures a wide variety of products built in accordance with customer-provided drawings and specifications. Products include printed wiring board assemblies, wired chassis, and complete subsystem manufacture. Among the subsystems manufactured are varied avionics equipment, test sets and related devices, indicators, control sets, and other electronic equipment.