555A Inline Automatic Chocolate Temper Meter

555 Inline Automatic Chocolate Temper Meter
  • Fully automatic operation
  • No operator intervention
  • Monitors chocolate temper continuously
  • Fast, accurate, repeatable
  • Automatically calculates ITU and slope

The Model 555A In-Line Temper Measurement Unit is directly incorporated into a chocolate production line. It continuously monitors the temper of chocolate to ensure product quality and shelf life without requiring operator intervention. The 555A is the first temper measurement system that can be readily installed on existing as well as new production lines.

In-Line Temper Measurement Soft-ware (ILTMS©), a Windows®-based program, permits users to use an external personal computer to monitor the unit's status, modify configuration parameters, and view stored test results. Since the 555A does not require that an operator take test samples, it truly automates the temper measurement process. The 555A provides the confectionery manufacturer the opportunity to fully automate chocolate temper control, thus eliminating the need for rework and reducing manufacturing costs.

The 555A automatically extracts a chocolate sample from the production line, tests the sample, and returns it to the line. A solid-state, thermo-electric cooling unit precisely regulates the cooling temperature of the chocolate sample. During the test cycle the unit processes the temper curve to determine the In-line Temper Unit (ITU) and slope values for the chocolate sample.

Equipped with an RS-232 or 422 serial interface, the 555A allows communication with a remote computer for transferring test data or configuration parameter information. This feature is essential in fulfilling ISO 9000 requirements. The 555A's measurement results are comparable to the results obtained using other TRICOR temper meters.

The 555A features universal installation. The user specifies the configuration required: horizontal chocolate flow (right to left or left to right) or vertical chocolate flow (top to bottom or bottom to top).

TRICOR, supplier of automatic temper meters world-wide for over 15 years, also offers the off-line Model 530 chocolate temper meter and the portable Model 225 chocolate temper meter.

  • Mounted for vertical chocolate flow
  • 76.2H x 61W x 34.3D cm
  • (30H x 24W x 13.5D inches)
  • Mounted for horizontal chocolate flow
  • 61W x 76.2H x 34.3D cm
  • (24W x 30H x 13.5D inches)
Weight 81 kg (180 lb)
Serial Communications RS-232/RS-422, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Sample Test Time 3 to 10 minutes measured at 5-second intervals
In-Line Temper Unit (ITU) Repeatability ±0.7 ITU
Test Cycle Time Manual or 15 to 250 minutes
Temperature Measurement Sensitivity ±0.003°C (±0.005°F)
Temper Measurement Range 0.28° to 54°C (32.5° to 129°F)
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 10° to 41°C (50°F to 105°F)
Self-Test Automatic self-test on power-up
Test Results ITU and slope values, temper curve
PC Software
PC Software: The ILTMS© permits users to:
  • View unit status
  • Preset configuration parameters
  • View and print real-time test run data (sample time, temp, slope)
  • Set the internal clock
  • View self-test results
  • View stored test run data graphically (four user-selectable scales for both °C and °F)
  • Print current unit status and configuration
  • Manually operate the unit (start run, abort run)
  • View electronic test point voltages
Operation Manual Included
Installation Requirements
Main Power 115/220 V ac, 400/200 W
Heater Tape Power 115/220 V ac, 10/20 W
Chilled Water 1.7° ± 1.6°C (35° ± 3°F) at 5 psi minimum
Heated Water 57° ± 5.6°C (135° ± 10°F) at 5 psi minimum
Water Fittings 3/8-inch nylon O-ring tube fittings
Air 80 ± 5 psi; 1/4-inch male quick coupler
Chocolate Tubing 1-inch quick-disconnect "S" clamp fittings; valve seat Buna "N" material
Temper Meter Data Acquisition Software (TMDAS©) A Windows®-based program that allows users to download stored test runs to a host server for further use and analysis. The files created by TMDAS© can be converted into many popular spreadsheet and database formats.
Service Mode Display
Service Mode Display
Status/Mode Display
Status/Mode Display