806 Hand-Held Surface Analysis System

806 Surface Analysis System
  • Hand-held portability
  • Measures gloss of flat and curved surfaces regardless of their texture or color
  • Measures distinctness of image (DOI)
  • Measures orange peel
  • Determines haze index

Analyze Surface Gloss, DOI, Orange Peel & Haze

The Model 806H Hand-Held Surface Analysis System measures and analyzes the gloss level, distinctness of image (DOI), orange peel and haze index of flat and curved surfaces regardless of their texture or color. This high-resolution video imaging system readily supplies numerical values for surface finishes. The quantitative values provided by the 806H eliminate all subjectivity in judging surface characteristics. The system measures up to 240,000 sample points per test. Specific areas of the test sample can be isolated for further measurement and analysis. The 806H easily measures extreme high and low gloss levels. All gloss measurements are directly traceable to a gloss reference supplied with the system.

A distinctness of image (DOI) function provides a quantitative measurement of reflection clarity for surfaces exhibiting very high gloss levels.

The orange peel function provides a means of precisely measuring the "orange peel" or "waviness" of surfaces exhibiting orange-peel-like characteristics.

The 806H provides measurements used to calculate haze index. Used to quantify surface characteristics and monitor consistency of product, the 806H is also invaluable for wear and weathering studies. It provides measurement data, image displays, histograms, data comparisons, internal calibration, and other in-depth information. The 806H is menu-driven, and measurements can be obtained within seconds by simply pressing a button. The operator can also analyze the data, view histograms, and interact with historical data. The 806H comprises a hand-held measurement head, personal computer, and monitor. The system is self-monitoring and self-calibrating to ensure accuracy and ease of use.

Power Requirements 115/220 V ac, 50/60 Hz, 300 W
Absolute Accuracy ± 1.0 percent of full scale with calibration reference plate.
Repeatability ± 1.0 percent of full scale.
Test Time 20 seconds
Stabilization Time 10 minutes after power-up (typical).
Measurement Geometry Standard 60°
Measurement Area* Area approximately 3.8 cm (1½ inches) in diameter.
Adjustable Box Cursor Select near full-frame sample points (240,000) maximum to 9 sample points minimum.
Highlighting 1 to 100 percent highest gloss points on product highlighted (programmable).
Data Display Printout Provides gloss, DOI and orange peel results, histograms, and equipment status.
Histogram Plots gloss frequency versus gloss level Self-Monitoring and continuously monitors light source.
Self-Calibrating Calibrates against gloss reference plate and corrects for pattern falloff.
Some Typical Applications
  • Ceramics -Coatings -Composites
  • Confections -Cosmetics -Fabrics
  • Flooring -Foods -Inks -Leathers
  • Packaging -Paints -Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics -Rubbers -Vinyls -Woods -etc.
System Components
Hand-held Device*
  • 15.2H x 22.9W x 12.7D cm
  • (6H x 9W x 5D inches)
  • 2.27 kg (5 lb) approx.
WGLOSS Software
Calibration Reference Plate 15.2 x 15.2 cm (6 x 6 inches)
Sample Trays (Qty 5)
Operation Manual
Test Results
Test Results
Distinctness Results
Distinctness Results
Orange Peel Results
Orange Peel Results
Image Sample
Image Sample

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