Surface Analysis Test Equipment

Model 600 Imaging Spectrophotometer

Model 600 Imaging Spectrophotometer

  • Non-Contact Color Management
  • Full Color Spectrum Sampling
  • True Accurate CIE Lab Delta E
  • Accurate Delta E vs. Conventional Hand Delta E Color Spectro's
  • Can be used on Virtually Any Shape, Texture and Size
  • Measure Color Over Large Areas
  • Extremely Small Measurement Capability
Model 600 Imaging Spectrophotometer Overview
Model 807 Haze Meter and DOI, replacement for Hunter Dorigon

Model 807 DOI / Haze Meter

  • Verified replacement for the obsolete Hunter Dorigon II.
  • DOI / Haze Meter is designed to measure flat, non-textured high reflectance surfaces.
  • Designed in accordance with ASTM E430 and ASTM D5767 (method A) and is used to measure 3 degrees around the specular lobe centered at 30 degrees in approximately 220 increments. Angular sample size of 1 sample per 1.6 minutes of arc.
Model 807 DOI / Haze Meter System Overview
Models 810A and 810B Appearance Measurement Systems

Model 810 Appearance Measurement System

  • Measures brightness of illuminated samples
  • Measures reflectance of surfaces
  • Perform statistical surface analyses
  • Allows user to define up to 256 individual regions of interest
  • Controlled environment for accurate sample measurements
  • Easily customized for specific applications
Model 810 Appearance Measurement System Overview
Light Measurement

Light Measurement

  • Models 820 & 823 Video Photometers
  • Performs statistical process operations over user-defined regions of interest
  • 8 or 10 bit digital system
  • Lamp and LED, backlit panel, and control switch performance
  • Automatic Location of all characters and objects in a scene and tested to MIL-P-7788E and SAE AS7788 using Locator Option.
  • Can be customized to measure your product's appearance characteristics
Light Measurement Products

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