Automated Keyboard Test System - 921xy

This product has been discontinued. For more information please contact us
Model 921 xy Automated Keyboard Test System

Measure Switch Resistance, Force and Displacement

  • Force/Displacement
  • Contact Resistance
  • Test System
  • PC Controlled
  • Operator Friendly
  • Tooling Ready
  • X-Y Positioning Table
  • Z Axis Force/Displacement Probe
  • System PC
  • Contact Resistance Range* 0 to 4.095 Ohms, Resolution 0.001 ohm
  • Matrix Size 12 X 12 Minimum
  • Interface "D" Connector
  • Force Range* 0 to 127 Ounces, Resolution 0.035 Ounce
  • Displacement Range* 0 to 0.250 Inch, Resolution 0.0001 Inch
  • X-Y Travel 21.2 Inches x 19.2 Inches
  • Z Travel 2 Inches Minimum
  • Z Clearance 3 Inches Minimum at Full Down Travel
Test Sequence:

The operator shall select the test by entering the key panel part number from a configuration menu The monitor shall initially display set-up requirements: Tooling, Tooling Location on X-Y Table, Interface Cables and any special requirements The operator shall enter key panel serial number The system shall position, probe and test each key Measuring Force, Displacement, Contact Resistance. Speed Programmable

Data: 921 X-Y

The system shall provide printed data if requested. All data to be stored on hard drive in specified files. Engineering data, in the form of force displacement curves, shall also be generated and accessible if requested.

Programming New Key Panels For Testing

The X-Y positioning shall be by teach method, coordinates are optional. Test Parameters, Contact Resistance Limits, Matrix Scheme, Force/Deflection and Tolerances, windows of limits shall be entered by way of menu screens.

921xy Automated Keyboard Test
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